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v0.10.x to v0.11.x


In v0.11.x an new decorator was added @InjectQueryService, this decorator replaces the ORM specific decorators:

  • @InjectTypeOrmQueryService
  • @InjectSequelizeQueryService

To migrate replace all @InjectTypeOrmQueryService and @InjectSequelizeQueryService with @InjectQueryService.


You still need to import the NestjsQueryTypeOrmModule or NestjsQuerySequelizeModule to use @InjectQueryService.

import { QueryService, InjectQueryService } from '@nestjs-query/core';import { CRUDResolver } from '@nestjs-query/query-graphql';import { Resolver } from '@nestjs/graphql';import { TodoItemDTO } from './dto/todo-item.dto';import { TodoItemEntity } from './todo-item.entity';
@Resolver(() => TodoItemDTO)export class TodoItemResolver extends CRUDResolver(TodoItemDTO) {  constructor(@InjectQueryService(TodoItemEntity) readonly service: QueryService<TodoItemEntity>) {    super(service);  }}

New Features#

To see other non-breaking features checkout to v0.11.0 blog post