A Symbol represents a comment and code pair. Each code handler added through coddoc.addCodeHandler and tag handler added through coddoc.addTagHandler adds/removes properties from a the symbol. Each symbol is added to the coddoc.Tree which is either returned from coddoc or passed into a template handler. NOTE: This object should not be instantiated by user code

Instance Properties
PropertyTypeDefault ValueDescription
augments{Array} [] Any symbols this symbol augments
borrows{Array} [] Any properties this symbol borrows
codeObject{Object}null The codeObject of this symbol
description{String}"" The description of this symbol.
examples{Array} [] The examples for this symbol
file{String}"" The file where the symbol was found.
fullname{String}"" The fullname i.e ({memberof}.{name})
ignore{Boolean}false Set to true if the symbol should be ignored and not put into coddoc.Tree
ignoreCode{Boolean}false Set to true if the code object from this symbol should be ignored.
isConstant{Boolean}false Set to true if this symbol is a constant.
isConstructor{Boolean}false Set to true is this symbol is a constructor
isFunction{Boolean}false Set to true if this symbol is a function.
isPrivate{Boolean}false Set to true if this symbol is private.
isProtected{Boolean}false Set to true if this symbol is protected.
isStatic{Boolean}false Set to true if this symbol is static
memberof{String}"" Who this symbol belongs to.
name{String}"" The name of this symbol
params{Array} [] The associated params for this symbol if it is a funciton.
properties{Array} [] The associated properties for this symbol
returns{Array} [] Array of return types for this symbol
see{Array} [] Any link for this symbol
tags{Array} [] The associated tags for this symbol
throws{Array} [] Exceptions thrown by this symbol
type{*}null The type that is symbol represents.


Defined symbol.js Source
function (options){
   this.tags = [];
   this.params = [];
   this.properties = [];
   this.examples = [];
   this.borrows = [];
   this.augments = [];
   this.includedDocs = [];
   this.see = [];
   this.throws = [];
   this.returns = [];
   options = options || {};
   for (var i in options) {
       if (i in this) {
           this[i] = options[i];




Code: git clone git://github.com/pollenware/coddoc.git